The Future

One of the aims of the Charles Education Centre (CEC) charity is to provide education for children in remote areas and requesting companies in the cities to outsource work so that the young people would be able to work in their respective villages.

The Mahavilachchiya Education Centre is the first project of this charity.

To expand and make space for further classes at Mahavilachchiya, the CEC urgently needs to complete the construction of an unfinished building to make space for the Montessori classes. To this end the CEC needs both volunteers and financial help.

In addition the charity would like to provide vocational training in the following areas at Mahavilachchiya.

  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Carpentry
  • Agriculture

Provision of a cyber café would enable the youths to practice their computer skills. The CEC realises that it should also provide basic accommodation for teaching volunteers from other parts of Sri Lanka and abroad.

The ambition of the CEC Charity is to provide similar education facilities in other remote villages in the country.

If you wish to provide funding for any of these programmes please click here to contact us for more details.