In 2004 Marissa Charles became the first UK volunteer to teach at a school in Mahavilachchiya which is 40 kms from the sacred city of Anuradhapura.
At this time the facilities for teaching were almost non-existent. Classes were conducted in the shade of trees or in huts. During her three months voluntary service Marissa asked her parents to help improve facilities for the children’s education. Mrs Lovina Charles became involved and the Mahavilachchiya Education Center for Children was formed.
In 2005 Mrs. Charles was able to locate a site for the Centre and with the permission of the AGA (Assistant Government Agent) a two storey building was constructed.

In 2009 the Centre was reorganized and to improve the administration, a constitution was set up in the name of Mahavilachchiya Education Centre. The Charles Education Centre was registered and charity status was obtained in the UK. The Mahavilachchiya Education Centre is administered by the Charles Education Centre. Classes are held in IT, English and the Montessori system. The IT teacher is sponsored by Hayleys, one of the largest business organisations in Sri Lanka and the other teachers are provided by the Charles Education Centre.