About Us

The Charles Education Centre (CEC) is a charitable organisation which supports and sponsors the Mahavilachchiya Education Centre (MEC) which provides education for children in the Sri Lankan village of Mahavilachchiya. The village is situated 40 km from the sacred city of Anuradhapura and about 250 km from Colombo.

Classes are available in IT, English and the Montessori system (for younger children). The IT teacher is sponsored by Hayleys, one of the largest business organisations in Sri Lanka. The other teachers are provided by the CEC.

One of the aims of the CEC is to encourage companies in the city to outsource work to young people so that they can gain employment without the expense of having to leave the village.

The CEC firmly believes that children in underprivileged villages should be given educational opportunities. The charity also provides financial help for children who wish to further their studies.

One of the charity’s goals is to provide basic accommodation to house teaching volunteers from other parts of Sri Lanka and abroad.

In the future the Charles Education Centre hopes to provide at the Mahavilachchiya Centre vocational training in the following areas:-

  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Carpentry
  • Agriculture

The long term plan is to increase the infrastructure to accommodate more students and expand the curriculum and also to provide similar opportunities in other remote villages.

  • CEC was setup in the United Kingdom and later registered as a charity,
  • CEC is governed by a Board of Trust according to a Constitution and a Trust Document
  • The Mahavilachchiya Education Centre is one of its first project
  • CEC conducts free education with a Montessori and IT classes at Mahavilachchiya