Give your support … We need funding for their education and infrastructure… Let’s light their future…
The CEC firmly believes that children in underprivileged villages should be given educational opportunities.

The Future

One of the aims of the Charles Education Centre (CEC) charity is to provide education for children in remote areas and requesting companies in the cities to outsource work so that the young people would be able to work in their respective villages.

About Us

The Charles Education Centre (CEC) is a charitable organisation which supports and sponsors the Mahavilachchiya Education Centre (MEC) which provides education for children in the Sri Lankan village of Mahavilachchiya.


The village is situated 40 km from the sacred city of Anuradhapura and about 250 km from Colombo. 

Support Us

The aim of the CEC is to educate children and also to encourage companies in the city to outsource work to young people so that they can gain employment without the expense of having to leave the village.

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